Cloncom Phone Card Review

Cloncom is among the top 10 providers of international calling cards on the online market according to the most current traffic ranking information. It is a very well known reseller of domestic and international calling cards for a lot of third party carriers such as Primus, Vectone and NobelTel. But then, it is also a provider of local numbers that lets you place prepaid wireless calls from your PC to phone and phone cards.

Call Rate

Using Cloncom international calling cards is a wonderful way to place any international call without having to go over your budget and ending up in a skyrocketing monthly telephone bill. You just have to choose the right card and you can save as much as 95% on all your international calls. Making a cheap international call is definitely your goal if you often call overseas so here is Cloncom to serve you with its VoIP cards that lets you enjoy the cheapest rates.

I must say that Cloncom provides the fairest rates on international call via the Internet. The great thing about Cloncom calling cards for VoIP is that you will not be charged an additional $1 or $2 for the processing fee unlike with most phone card companies.

clonecomThe rates are so fair that you can enjoy as low as 0.9 cents per minute on your domestic calls and that is US to US calls. You can also avail of cheap international call to Spain for as low as $1.2 cents per minute and even call to other locations such as Mexico at 1.9 cents per minute and Denmark at 1.5 cents per minute. You can check out the rates prior to purchasing your card and you will be amazed at how much you can save.

Line Quality

Cloncom is not just a reseller of international phone cards, but it is also one of the premier telecommunications company. Hence, they do not only sell, but they are the ones who develop their phone cards to make all calls most especially international call more affordable and with the highest line quality.

Their PC to phone service or VoIP will let you establish a crystal clear call from your computer to landline and mobile phones anywhere in the globe at fabulous rates. With Cloncom, you can grasp all the benefits of VoIP technology at the lowest rates without sacrificing the quality of your calls.


Cloncom calling cards are a great choice for making cheap international call as it has plenty of benefits and useful features such as as the following:

  • Speed dialing

  • Global access

  • Pinless dialling

  • Local access

  • Call logs

  • Rechargeable

The phone cards are pinless so you do not have to bother about entering the pin each time you make an international call or a regular call. You just have to register all the phone numbers that you will be using and you can already use your Cloncom international calling card for VoIP telephony.


The recharge option is also an excellent feature as it automatically refills your card once it runs out of credit so that you can continue to enjoy the best rates from Cloncom.

Customer Service

If you have questions about the services, you will always feel secure with its help center that is accessible 24/7. In case you have concerns about your password, your account or you incurred unrecognized charges or just about anything, just type if your search term and you will get prompt answers.

You also have the option to send Cloncom an email for any question or concern that you may have. Just fill in the form on the ‘contact us’ page and you will be assisted.