Choosing WeChat over Skype, Viber and Other VoIP Providers

There are more people today who are making use of the applications for mobile internet. Creators and developers also continue to innovate to provide more applications and features for Smartphone devices. There has been an increase in the use of various applications that are now available for devices such as mobile phones. VoIP providers have come up with new offers for their products and services such as international voice calls and video calls without costs aside from the usual text messages that can be sent for free.

There are several competing companies that are offering call services as they contribute to the revenue derived from sending text messages and from the per-minute calls made by users. T-Mobile users for example know that they can make free calls if they are using the same VoIP services from the same provider. Although telecom companies are also trying to offer call and texting services, they are not able to compete head to head with companies that are specializing in VoIP applications. The applications from the telecom companies are quite limited unlike VoIP companies that offer not only the ability to make voice calls and to send text messages but also other applications such as sharing of files and making video calls as well.


People are also able to connect with all of their friends and family members through the social network connectivity that are available only through VoIP service providers. WeChat is one of the leading competitors when it comes to VoIP service providers. The company competes with the services that are offered by skype, Viber and other leading Telecom service providers. People can make some comparisons as to the features of the application that they are being offered by each of these companies.

WeChat Application

People who would like to make use of great application features may opt for WeChat mobile application. This company occupies top rank among VoIP providers as indicated by websites such as the Free Calling Hub. Those who make use of Skype may send their text messages, make voice and video calls but no other features like being able to connect with friends or able to do some fun activities through their mobile devices. People who are using Viber on the other hand are only able to send text messages and to make voice calls only. However, those who are looking for more may try WeChat as this provider has combined the usual features such as international calls for free and sending text options with other unique and fun features such as the Look Around and the Shaking feature.

Features of WeChat that make it stand out among the VoIP providers

Some of the unique features that make WeChat better than other VoIP companies include the Drift Bottle, the Shake and the Look Around option.People will surely enjoy going back to the past when messages were sent in bottles that are sealed. They may be like the princesses of the olden times when their messages are put in the bottles to drift out in the sea. Someone may get their message and rescue them from where they are. People today may do the same with the Drift Bottle feature. They may write their messages and seal the bottle to be thrown at sea. Someone may catch it and give them a reply or they can toss it back to the sea instead.

The Look Around option would allow users to find users of the same application within a given area. The application works as GPS satellites is used to find others that users would like to see. They also have the option to select ladies only for example. People are also able to meet new friends through this WeChat feature.

The Shake feature is one of the most fun ways to make friends or find people. WeChat would need to shake their mobile phones in order for them to find out others who are also shaking their devices. People may find friends around the world doing the same especially when they want to have and interesting way of connecting with others.

These are some of the great features of the application that is being offered by WeChat. People can do more with their devices aside from the usual calls and text messages being sent and received.

Getting the application from WeChat

People who would like to make use of the WeChat application can download it from Apps Store. They may be able to make use of it on different platforms. People who make use of iPhones can check the WeChat application through the App Store while those who make use of Android phones will have to search for it through the Play Store. Blacberry users can look into their AppWorld and Nokia users will have to seek the WeChat application by going to their OVI Store. Those who are using Windows phones will be able to find the WeChat application by getting through the MarketPlace.

Whatever mobile device people are using, they may be able to download the application from WeChat so that they can enjoy more features than what other VoIP providers are offering in the market today. We Chat is simply the best choice when it comes to VoIP services. The company would also like to hear more from their users so that they can improve or develop the services that they are offering to them.

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