Celebrating the Vietnam Tet through Vonage

However the New Year is called, be it Lunar New Year or Tet for the Vietnamese, people altogether celebrate it wherever they may be. Though families and friends may be out of their countries, they still find ways to greet each other on this special day. February 10, 2013 is one of the best days to celebrate so those who would like to call their close relatives and loved ones can do so through the Tet Call Offer only from Vonage World.

With a rate as low as $9.95 for three months followed by rate of $25.95 after, people are given the chance to call anyone from Vietnam anytime. They can also talk for as longs as they need and as often as they want. People can call others in various countries (over 60) through their landlines and they can also call others in several countries (10) through their mobile phones as well. People who avail of the call services from Vonage are also given the chance to make unlimited calls through their home phones all over the USA, Canada and to Puerto Rico too.

tet_vietnamCustomers will have to wait for their Vonage Box that will be delivered right at their doorsteps. Once they get hold of it, they only need to set it up and connect it through their fast internet and they are ready to dial their first call. It is still not too late to call anyone in Vietnam for the Tet celebration. People may still enjoy making calls after this great season as they are offered the lowest rates possible aside from the $20 prepaid Visa Card only from Vonage. This offer is good for those who will be able to sign-up on or before February 14, 2013.

There is more to enjoy as those who have purchased their Vonage Box also get one free extension. They can make use of their cell phones for this purpose and enjoy all the call advantages that they are entitled to. Calling Vietnam through cell phones will be more convenient and fun as well. Those who to have several phone extensions may also enjoy the same features with an additional charge of $4.99 for each extension.

People who would like to stay connected with all of their friends, family members and relatives wherever they are only need to check what Vonage World has to offer. They may look into the various call plans. Those who opt for the lowest price possible for their calls to Vietnam have to choose Vonage as their provider. Though the Tet offer is good only for a limited time, people may still enjoy making international calls not only to Vietnam but to other countries as well. There may only be a very limited time left so people are encouraged to grab this opportunity right now.

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