Broadview Networks Review

Broadview Networks is one of the premier communication providers for businesses. In fact, it is among the top 5 providers of VoIP services by the TA or Telecommunications Association. This company was also regarded as one of the top 10 Integrated Access and CLEC by the TA. It provides every organization what they need to communicate online and over the phone with little or no capital investment at all. Find out what Broadview Networks has to offer its clients.

Call Rate

Broadview Networks VoIP services for businesses are truly a great relief as unlike with other business phone systems most especially if most of your transactions involve international call. It offers a comprehensive cloud based solution that covers all your business needs so that you can have a reliable communication tool without the need for:

  • Capital

  • Maintenance contract

  • Monthly fees

broadviewWith such, you can actually lower than the total cost of owning a virtual phone with a single solution that provides you with a comprehensive phone system along with an unlimited calling plan. You can also benefit from its online portal for easy updates and online management. Plus, you can get hold of high class pones and you can also add or remove phones as required.

By getting hold of Broadview Network VoIP, you can have 10 phones and 5 lines that lets you make cheap international call to UK, France, Germany and to the rest of the world. Making an international call has never been so affordable with its $300 all inclusive monthly unlimited rate. You can avail of as much as 50% savings when using a traditional phone system.

Line Quality

Broadview Networks makes you say goodbye to hunting the best international calling cards as you can avail of its VoIP system that is not only rich in features, but has excellent line quality as well. The Internet telephony service or the packet switching by this company is impressive as the Office Suite VoIP lets you send tiny amounts of data as required. Due to this, the data will pass through the most reliable path resulting in higher line quality and faster call processing most particularly when making an international call.

Although the phones may be located in offices, Broadview Networks’s services are safe within the cloud network which allows you to utilize the service regardless of the location. This enhances the mobility of your business and facilitates a unified VoIP telephone system.


There are tons of benefits when getting hold of the reliable VoIP service. The VoIP phone system offered by Broadview Networks lets you place any international call in crystal clear voice quality and benefit from over 40 features that are easy to utilize and very beneficial in enhancing productivity.


With Broadview Network’s VoIP features, users can send calls from anywhere. Users can make domestic or international calls to coworkers or other persons within the same area or other location without having to worry about the rates. It also offers unlimited call routing and auto attendants that assure the call will reach the right place. Plus, making changes is very easy with its web based portal that implements central administration.

Customer Service

Broadview Networks always have an answer to all your queries with its professional and comprehensive website that contains all the information that you might need. It has a detailed page for FAQs and demos that will make you more acquainted with their services. Plus, you can also initiate a live chat with one of its representatives or call its toll free number to get instant solutions to all your concerns. Your needs will always be covered by this company who takes pride in doing satisfying service for its clients.

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