Best Online Faxing Service

Office personnel may find sending documents through fax machines taking a lot of time and effort from them not unless that they really have one right in their office. At times, this time consuming routine can make people frustrated especially if they have to wait for their turn to make use of the few fax machines that are available. However, with the help of technology, employees can do their work more efficiently especially if they do not have to spend their time just waiting. Ringcentral is one of the best online faxing services.

One of the options that they can consider is sending and receiving fax online. There are some websites that offer these services for free. Although there are websites that include their advertisements on the document being sent or received, people may opt to disable this feature. These websites may render their online faxing services for free for a few pages only but they may ask for minimal fees for those who would like to avail of unlimited faxing services.

Here are some websites that provide online users with Fax Services: offers online users free and paid faxing services for those who are residing in Canada and in the US. However, the services offered are limited only to sending documents and not receiving copies of them. Those who would need to receive copies of faxed documents will have to make use of other websites that are providing receiving services. People who would like to avail of the free faxing service may send their documents 2 times a day with each one containing 3 pages maximum. The faxed documents will contain a free cover page but it will not bear any advertisements from the website. People also have the option to send their documents on a pay-per-fax service or they may avail of the premium fax services especially for those who are in business. is also a website that provides free faxing services. However, senders are limited as to the number of pages and the frequency of sending their documents online. They can send up to 5 faxed documents in a day with a maximum of 3 pages each. Those who choose this website will have to expect an advertisement on the front page. The website also charges $1.99 for every faxed document of up to 15 pages. Just like the other online faxing services, people can only send their documents to Canada and to the US only. People may also opt for their international faxing services but they will have to take note of the different payment plans. offers people sending and receiving fax services. Those who need only to receive their faxed documents may avail of the OneSuite Fax Basic option where they only have to pay $1 each month. Those who get this option may receive unlimited documents sent to them through their email. People who need both fax services of sending and receiving can choose the OneSuite Fax Plus plan and pay for $2.95 every month. Those who only need the services for a few documents to fax may opt for their one month trial offer for free. Another offer that people can consider is the $10 plan for the faxing services that come with VoIP services and international call forwarding option. is one of the websites that offer their faxing services to about 23 countries. Online users may start with their $4.99 a month plan. Those who are in business may also choose the trial offer for free so that they may be able to experience the kind of services that the website is providing. Some of the services that this website offers include sending or receiving faxed documents, fax mailing as well as mobile fax and other services as well. The site may not be very easy to navigate but people can still enjoy the services that they are offering especially for those who need international faxing services for their businesses. offers paid faxing services based on different plans that are suitable to their clients’ needs. There are lots of online users who make use of their services for both sending and receiving faxed documents. Business owners may choose to start with plan $7.99 per month and with this, they can send up for 500 pages each month. Those who need to send or to receive more can avail of the plan $39.00 per month for unlimited number of pages. Just like most of the websites offering the services, they only operate for online users in Canada and in the US only. People can get on-phone support from the company and they can just simply call 888-350-2177 for more information. offers the same type of paid faxing services though their prices are a little lower than Ring Central. People will have to pay $6.67 each month for the faxing services that they need. Online users may try their services for 7 day without any fee. Aside from sending and receiving services, they also offer receiving voice messages as well. is one of the websites that offer longer trial period as people can enjoy their services for free up to 60 days. Although they offer 3 plans, they only offer the 2 plans for free trial. Those who choose the basic plan at $3.39 a month can avail of the services which include up to 25 pages limit. This is the plan that is not offered for a free trial. People may get a 60 day free trial for the $6.95 a month for about 200 pages and the $9.95 a month for about 500 pages. Business owners who need to send more can avail of the $15.95 a month plan. There are still other websites that offer various faxing services at varying price ranges as well.

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