Beejive Review

Beejive is perhaps one of the wel known VoIp application for clients using iOS, Blackberry and Android devices. It supports almost any kind of device and is totally customizable. Beejive has been impressing clients for a long time now and it shows to the number of Beejive purchase by clients who find it a reliable option when it comes to making cheap international call.

Call Rate

Mobile VoIp is trending these days as smart phone users are more attracted to mobile services. The capabilities of smartphones to become a means for VoIp mobile is becoming more prevalent. Nowadays, mobile phones are the center of our daily lives and acts as personal assistants wherever you go. This reliance on smart phones dictates that these devices has a lot to do to achieve cheap international call rates.

Just think about how you can make cheap call to India, Australia, United Kingdom and many others at a very low price through your Beejive VoIP international calling cards and mobile. Due to this, Beejive VoIP is becoming in demand for mobile users from all over the world. The cheap rates offered by mobile Beejive VoIP can surely replace your landline as a means of placing international call.

Line Quality

BeejiveAmazingly, the voice quality that you can obtain from Beejive Voip when making almost free international call is better than your landline and regular provider. Surprisingly, the line quality is clearer and free from static noise. This is something that clients will surely find impressive and convenient at the same time. Imagine, you do not need cable wire and your desktop computer to make quality international call.

With this, Beejive is not just regarded as a premier application for chat, but it definitely has it all. It supports VoIP calls with the best quality and all of these are included in a single application. The VoIp capability through mobile Beejive is just one of the many good reasons why you should check out Beejive as a VoIP provider.


Beejive is one of the premier mobile chat apps that also supports VoIP and tons of other tools. With your mobile phone, you can make a call to Germany or any parts of the world at a reduced cost that your would when using your regular prepaid or postpaid service.

This mobile application lets you make cheap international call through your mobile by simply downloading the Beejive VoIP application through the various market for iOS, Android and Blackberry. The cool thing about Beejive is that you can download it to your devices. It also offers a lot of tools for host management so that you can streamline overwhelming actions as this is the tendency when all the features are crammed in one application.

Customer Service

You will never lose track with Beejive VoIp as it provides a comprehensive support section for each Beejive VoIP service you are using at the moment. For iOS users, you can have access to the support team straight from your Apple devices like iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You just have to tap “more” and then “support” from your device and you will get into Beejive support topics as well as instructional videos.


For Blackberry users, you just have to press “menu” and then “help and you will be directed to BB license management and support topics. When it comes to Android users, getting help is easy as you only need to tap the support link on the Beejive page. You can also ask for assistance for any concern that you may have by sending an email to the beejive email support.

Overall, Beejive is one cool VoIP option for smat phone users who often make international call to all parts of the world.