AT&T International Call Review

AT&T is a big name in the telecommunications industry so it is no longer a surprise that it entered the VoIP industry as well through its U-verse plan bundles. This company can definitely provide high quality and useful services to both residential and business clients. With AT&T, making cheap international call is attainable. Would it be worth it to have AT&T as your VoIp provider?

Call Rate

Basically, the AT&T VoIP service seems a bit costly as a standalone plan if compared to other VoIP providers that can be found on the market. However, it is a wonderful option if you already have an existing home phone plan along with your cable or internet.

AT&T provides two plans for its VoIP services and these are the:

  • 250 minute plan

  • Unlimited plan

attThe 250 minute plan is suitable for those who do not require too many minutes to make an international call. An excess minute to this plan will cost around five cents which could be more costly so it is better for clients to go for the unlimited VoIP calling plan. With this plan, you can almost make free international call since you can enjoy limitless domestic and international calling.

Sample rates for international call include $0.04 per minute charge for landline calls to the United Kingdom which is the same rate with China. The pricing of AT&T VoIP is competitive with other VoIP providers, but its big name makes clients more comfortable with their VoIP service.

Line Quality

AT&T is a telecommunication provider that has a huge name so who does not know about it anyway? Now that it ventured into VoIP called the Call Advanatge, clients should really anticipate something that is professional. Well, I must say that AT&T definitely meets the expectations of its users with its outstanding line quality.

Imagine, you can make a cheap call to Mexico, UK, China, France or any other country through an excellent and consistent call quality that is known to be better compared to other providers. AT&T VoIP offers clear, static free voice with a very loud volume. So, paying a bit higher would not hurt at all as you will really get what you pay for.


AT&T offers a wide range of interesting features to its clients. It has everything that you want to see in a VoIP provider such as the basic features like:

  • Voicemail

  • Call waiting

  • Call transfer

However, other features like call return and speed dial are not among its features. Also, you will have to pay an extra $2 per month on directory assistance and $8 monthly for an additional line. AT&T also has VoIP bundles for:

  • Residential

  • Small Business

  • Enterprise

Residential VoIP lets you manage contacts , call preferences, call history from your PC. It also allows you to have access to AT&T wireless and landline and much more. The AT&T for small business and enterprise has the features of residential VoIP with added features like integrated data and voice lines.


Customer Services

Being one of the largest telecommunication providers, it is undeniable that it excels when it comes to customer help and support. Clients can always benefit from a beneficial FAQs and user guide as well as tutorials. These things set AT&T apart from other providers in terms of customer service.

They also offer a lot of methods to reach them such as calling its toll free number directly, live chat as well as email. AT&T’s customer representatives are also exceptional as they aim not only to help, but to go beyond. Truly, AT&T VoIP is a very good option if you are looking for something big and reliable.

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