AOL Instant Messenger Review

AOL Instant Messenger can surely satisfy all your VoIP needs whether you are planning to use it for your home or business. The services it offers are not that distinct to other services. But then, it is surprisingly easy to use making it one of the best VoIP providers these days.

Call Rate

AOL VoIP totally responds to your needs in making a cheap international call to anywhere in the globe. With its attractive pricing, you will surely realize that you will get the most out of its offers. In fact, you can avail of the $30 introductory rate to try out the very low international call rates.

For as low as $30, you could get the unlimited calling plan that lets you make calls within the US and Canada. In order to avail of this plan, you will need to have a reliable broadband connection. After six months, the unlimited plan will jump to $40 and remains to that rate.

aimThere are also other plans to choose from like the $19 plan that lets you make unlimited domestic calls and cheap call to Canada and US. This plan lets you enjoy international calls to these locations for as low as 4 cents per minute! Plus, you can avail of this plan in its introductory price of $14. With AOL, your savings will surely double or triple so why say no?

Line Quality

This Internet giant believes that delivering VoIP service is very essential not only to generate revenue, but to deliver one of the most reliable service to clients. They release APIs or their very own “application programming interfaces” to make this possible.

This allows clients to make calls to mobile phones and landlines from the Instant Messenger interface to over 200 countries for a fee as well as free international call from PC to PC through its feature called AOL IM talk. The voice applications are developed to provide the best Internet telephony services to users.

The AOL IM VoIP services aim to embrace to voice world community and for their services rely on open standards, clear connections can be experienced from a wide range of devices and soft phones. I’ve experienced their service myself and I must say AOL has done a great job in providing VoIP service.

There is no need to get a license from AOL IM to enjoy this service so long as you comply with its terms of service.


What makes AOL IM VoIP unique? Basically, the AOL VoIP is very easy to install and use. Compared to other VoIP providers, it completely integrates the VoIP phone services with its other online components like:

  • Instant messaging

  • Contacts

  • Email


All its VoIP offerings are very easy to use and they are not entirely different from the best VoIP providers out there. But major differences include its e – 911 service that lets 911 calls straight to the emergency local dispatchers. Other providers have encountered a lot of disputes with their e – 911 VoIP services, but not AOL VoIP.

With its simple setup, usage and enhanced features, I personally think AOL is better than other VoIP providers I’ve come to look at.

Customer Service

I must say AOL strives to meet all their client’s needs with their outstanding customer service. All the vital information that you need for their VoIP service can be found on their professional website. In case of trouble or questions that need an immediate answer, you can always call them via their toll free phone number and you will get assisted promptly. You can also benefit from its live chat and email assistance and get all your concerns taken care of in no time.