Aitelephone Review

The use of VoIP services is highly popular these days, not only due to its convenience, but due to a great number of things. One of the leading providers of VoIP is Aitelephone and you will know in this review the reasons why.

Call Rate

Basically, Aitelephone’s VoIP service lets you make cheap international call to any country. All you have to do is your computer with a headset, reliable Internet access as well as your Aitelephone international calling cards and you can dial to any country and enjoy huge savings. These services can be used locally, but you can benefit the most by using its international call services.

Imagine, with Aitelephone’s VoIP services, you can actually make cheap calls to any phone number whether domestic, mobile and international. You can do this directly from your computer and the rates to the following international destinations can be as follows:

  • USA – $0.019 / min

  • United Kingdom – $0.019 / min

  • Germany – $0.021 / min

  • China – $ 0.019 / min

  • India – $0. 065 / min

aitelephoneThe VoIP services offered by Aitelephone are really one of the most affordable and reliable. In fact, as you come across the site, you will be very pleased to see how you will be able to save tons of money on your VoIP international calls. With Aitelephone, you can now make a call to the US or to other countries without hurting your budget.

Using the service is like being able to make free international call to almost all countries from all over the globe.

Line Quality

Aitelephone has been providing delightful telecommunications services since 1996. The quality of these services including VoIP is very exceptional. This is very impressive for a company that offers services of the highest quality at very low rates. With Aitelephone, you will always experience a clear connection and this is the case not only in domestic calls, but most especially international calls.

It has received lots of positive comments when it comes to the call quality. I have tried it myself and it has been very helpful! I have been making plenty of VoIP international calls to France lately and did not have such a wonderful experience until I found Aitelephone VoIP. The very first thing I noticed is the superb line quality. It was very clear compared to my previous VoIP provider. I was very glad I discovered it and wish it will continue to deliver exceptional quality connections.


Aitelephone’s VoIP service presents tons of cool features. With this provider, you can use your computer and headset or make use of your telephone through a phone adapter to make VoIP calls from anywhere in the world. You can actually obtain a local telephone number where your callers are situated and get limitless inbound calls.


You have the option to avail of the following services:

  • Outgoing calls – You can opt for this service if you wish to make only outgoing domestic and international call. You will get the chance to pay a lower rate for each cheap international call that you make.

  • Incoming and Outgoing calls – For incoming calls you are required to have a monthly fee while outgoing calls let you lower per minute rates.

You have to try Aitelephone’s VoIP services and you can really tell that the VoIP calling features are so cool and so convenient.

Customer Service

Needless to say, with its almost two decades of providing service to a wide array of clients, Aitelephone’s customer service is truly one of a kind. They make sure everything is taken care about and the proofs are the testimonials from its satisfied customers like me.

I am very satisfied with all the aspects of doing business with Aitelephone. They do not only strive to meet my needs and offer the best assistance possible, but they even go beyond to give more than you can imagine.

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