A Competitor for VoIP Services Emerges

VoIP-Pal.com Inc has launched their website under the patent of Digifonica Gibraltar. The new platinumphone.com website offers those who are using Platinum Softphone  or PlatinumPhone Mobile great applications. This new website provides for services where users pay for extra airtime for their calls. Users are also given access to get downloads free or charge.

As one of the newest VoIP provider, VoIP-Pal offers a one-of-a-kind means of communication that would suit small business owners because of its flexibility in terms of the fees being charged. Businesses can benefit from the various offerings of this new provider of VoIP services. Small business owners can simply choose the services that they want depending on the needs of their business. They are also able to find the best solution for their communication needs without having to worry about company budget being zapped out. VoIP-Pal provides small businesses a communications network that is just right for their company communications requirements.

Business owners and even regular people are assured that the website is always safe and secure. They do not have to worry about the money that they are going to pay because they will get the right services that they need. Company or business owners can manage their accounts online easily when they log into the website securely. Those who are authorized to log in or have access to their business online accounts and who are given administrator privileges can make use of their mobile phones to download the applications. They can manage as well as edit their accounts using mobile phones by downloading the application from Google Play.

Business owners who have people working out of their offices or those who are on the field can benefit from this communication facility. Communication between and among branches or offices can also be facilitated through the VoIP services that are provided by VoIP-Pal. Companies and small businesses  do not have to incur too much expenses unlike when they make use of the traditional telecommunication services. Organizations and institutions can save much from using the VoIP services for all of their communication needs.

VoIP-Pal services can be availed of not only by those who are using mobile phones but also by those who are using PCs as well as Android tablets. With more than $58 Billion revenues for the year 2011, Digifonica shows how the businesses are using VoIP services for their communication needs today. More and more companies as well as businesses of varying sizes are now using VoIP services because of its flexibility, efficiency and cost-effective means of communication.

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