8×8 VoIP Review

If you are looking for a reliable VoIP service provider then you should take a closer look at what 8×8 has to offer. It may not be the most unique provider, but it is definitely one of the most dependable, affordable and convenient to use. Dig in deeper into what 8×8 has to deliver its clients and you will be convinced.

Call Rate

If you are making lots of international calls, 8×8 VoIP will help you enjoy huge savings with its lowest VoIP international rates. With 8×8, you can make cheap international call to China for as low as 1 cent for a minute. The other international call rate includes 5.9 cents to India, 3 cents to Mexico and many others.

8x8-voipDomestic and international calls are so much affordable 8×8 controlled the power of their VoIP services to lower down their costs for their clients. Plus, you no longer have to purchase a costly PBX on-site phone. You can save as much as 50% with 8×8 VoIP services whether you make domestic or international calls. Also, you can get the PBX phone almost free of charge.

So, how you could say no to a very affordable solution?

Line Quality

8×8 strives to make sure that they deliver the best service as possible. Prior to availing of their VoIP services, you will undergo the 8×8 VoIP readiness test. This is a test via online that will make a way for socket connection to the browser and will pass the VoIP traffic to your computer. This test is very important because it gauges the performance and quality of the Internet connection between the servers and the network. The test is very easy to perform so this would not be much of a hassle to you.

The 8×8 VoIP’s line quality is very close to the traditional phones. The voice quality is very outstanding compared to other VoIP providers and with their excellent geographical coverage, every client will benefit from an enhanced service when making any domestic and international call. So, get your 8×8 international calling cards now and avail of their plans and enjoy calling to all parts of the world.


Individuals and businesses can really benefit from the cooler 8×8 VoIP features. With this VoIP provider, you can avail of the standard features without having to pay extra such as the following:

  • Caller ID

  • Call forwarding

  • Personalized voicemail

  • Three-way calling

  • Call transfer

You will also have the opportune ity to get the online dashboard in order to make call management a lot easier. It includes voicemail notification, voicemail history and much more. Another excitingfeature of 8x8x VoIP is its ability to conduct conference calling which can include three persons in one call.


They also offer a very cool mobile application that lets you to transform your tablets or smartphone into your VoIp telephone. Its wide range of business features and services is also impressive like:

  • Setting up additional lines

  • Getting a toll free number

  • Sending and receiving fax messages via VoIP line

Truly, the 8×8 cool and impressive features will make you want for more of this VoIp provider.

Customer Service

Basically, their company website looks very professional and polished making it very easy to explore compared to other VoIP companies. It also gives you several user manuals and guides that are very useful if it is your first time to use VoIp. The website also offers a complee FAQs section that will aid you in understanding any problem that you are having with their services. You can also get instant help from their live chat and toll free phone support during business hours. What a great relief!