2013 Trends and the Mobile Industry

Consumers look forward to what is in store for them for the year 2013 especially with all of the advancement of technology in the mobile industry. People have had their share of great mobile experiences during the past year. They have seen applications and features that have enhanced mobile commerce as well as location-based services. People have also benefited from the latest developments in cloud computing too. They are now looking into greater experiences as creators and developers bring out the best yet for mobile devices within this year.

Emerging trends for 2013

  • End of voicemail

More and more people are doing away with the use of their voicemail for some reasons. Vonage customers for example have seen lesser use of voicemails by July of 2012. Some do not even retrieve their voicemails messages because of the routine that they have to go through to get the messages. People are also too busy today and they may have found it easier to just to send a text message or make return calls when they have the time to do it. People who are caught in hectic schedules may not have the time and the patience to go through the prompts before they get to the message.

  • More use of text messages

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image4313001Sending messages through texting has increased these past years especially among young people in the lead. Pew Research Center has presented findings of their study which indicated a rise in the use of texting from 58% all the way to 80% since 2007. However, the way people send text messages have changed too. Traditional texting has been done through the facilities provided by carrier networks but there has been a decrease in the use of this method over the years.

More people are now using Smartphone devices and they have switched to the use of messaging applications that are internet based such as those offered by Vonage Mobile. Consumers do not have to pay for charges for their text messages being sent or being received.

  • Wi-Fi in 2013

More consumers are into using mobile devices with Wi-Fi capabilities. Reports indicate the growth of up to 61% in terms of homes in America that are already using Wi-Fi networks. The growth is likely to continue and by the year 2016, there will be about 800 million homes around the world with Wi-Fi networks. There are also more people who are using the tablet and the Smartphone devices as they take advantage of large volumes of data which they can process in a very short time. Wi-Fi networks have also become the biggest threat to carrier networks today.

People have now the chance to select the network connections that are more convenient for them. They can use Wi-Fi instead of the 3G, 4G or LTE networks. In addition, people who are using the services of VoIP providers can make use of their Wi-Fi connections for their communication system at home or at the office. Consumers who make use of Wi-Fi also have the advantage when it comes to lower cost but better speed and reliability.

More competition is seen this year as mobile industry leaders create and develop better applications for tablets and for Smartphone devices as well. Consumers may see yet the best offer for the year 2013 as they look forward to great features in the products and services being offered to them.

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