2012 Best VoIP Products

10. RCA VoIP Phones. People have come to know various brands of home VoIP products and services. Among these are those that have been offered by Panasonic, AT&T and RCA VoIP phones too. These companies have brought SIP phones that provide a friendlier atmosphere in offices. The RCAIP150 that runs on Android OS for example has become the most sought model especially with its Smartphone features that people can make use of on their desks.

9. Cisco SPA112 & SPA122. The latest ATA from Cisco are smaller but more convenient and more robust as well. People may say goodbye to other models like the PAP2T and the SPA2102.

8. Pansonic KX-TGP550 & KX-TPA50. Due to Astra CT Phones, the options left for corded IP deskphone as well as the cordless DECT satellite handsets included Siemens Gigaset as well as the Panasonic IP DECT Phones. There has been an increase in the demand for KX-TPA50 DECT handset accessory and the Panasonic KX-TGP550 especially for business owners who work out of their desks.

7. Polycom VVX 500. The emergence of multimedia has brought about a new dimension in the use of communication facilities and such as the use of Polycom VVX500 which appeals to different types of business users. The smartphone-like icon makes it stand out as its phone-like experience appeals to different users who are very mobile or those who work on their desk only. People in general may now avail of this phone only at $235 which has been created not only for executives but for other users to enjoy too. The market demand for the VVX 600 is seen to continue until next year.

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6. Grandstream GXP2200. Smartphone devices have been very popular in the market this year and users have been used to its interface which they usually look for when checking other products like the Grandstream GXP2200. This multimedia IP phone with its Android 2.3 OS is packed with features from the Android App Marketplace like Facebook, Google Voice and Twitter too. Those who are doing business can really take advantage of the business features aside from the Android Apps.

5. Patton Gateways. The use of gateways for VoIP services has also become popular for the last ten years. Those who need to bridge their VoIP networks with PSTN can make use of any of the gateways that are available. Although there are several providers of the service, the best customer service and support provider stands out among the rest. Patton for example offers their clients pre-sales and post-sales support. The customer services that they provide is simply the best in the market as most gateway manufacturers only offer support packages which are quite as expensive as the gateway itself. More business owners are getting Patton gateways because of the lower TCO that they can benefit from.

4. Cisco C20 Telepresence System. The need of business organizations for video conferencing will continue to grow by 2013. More and more businesses will be cutting down on travel costs so more meetings will likely be aided by video conferencing instead. Business owners simply have to avail of the Cisco Quickset C20 and they are ready to set their meetings via telepresence. They can simply make use of an LCD display or a plasma display so that they can conduct video conferencing using point-to-point situations. Organizations and institutions do not need to hire technical experts to install and set their video conferencing systems. Business owners may also get 32inches LED from that is being given away by VoIP Supply just like most of those who have made their purchases within the 2nd half of the year 2012.

3. Logitech BCC950. Aside for Cisco’s C20 hitting the market this year, Logitech BCC950 has also made their mark higher than most providers of video conferencing systems around the world. Logitech BCC950 has offered desktop solutions for small groups or for individuals who make use of video communication platforms like Google Hangouts or skype. Some small businesses have made use of the Logitech BCC950 together with the hosted video conferencing system like WebEx Telepresence from Cisco or the Lifesize Connections instead.

2. Digium Phones. Most PBX systems being offered like those from Avaya and Mitel provide users an end-to-end solution which can be put up to do its work very easily.  Digium offers the same for all Asterisk or for all Switchvox clients. Phones can be created to make use of the Asterisk features or be self provisioning just like IP phones that get connected to Switchvox system. Digium IP phones for 2012 included D40, D50 and D70 and these models have become one of the top sellers this year.

1. Elastix PBX Appliance. Because of some problems with the Trixbox CE programming, Asterisk has been distributed through Elastix. It is difficult to find a hardware platform for the free distributions to work on but the Elastix mini and the ELX-025 1U has come out in the market with pre-loaded Elastix software that works right away without any problem. Small businesses have opted to use Elastix MiniUCS appliance because of its great UC feature set and because of its lower cost that goes under $600. Elastix has been on top of other versions of Asterisk as there is no need for maintenance and licensing fees for its users. Those who do not really know what to do with their Elastix software can avail of the support packages that are available.

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